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How? Through:



Give your business a strong look that customers easily recognise and trust.



Customers now expect every business to have a website. Does yours bring in new business?



Introduce and inform potential customers of what your business is about and what service or product you sell.


Social Media

A growing area that can no longer be ignored - it has huge potential to reaching new customers.



Get your product in front of an audience that already trusts and listens to the influencer.

Who's KDesign?

Hi, I'm Karen. I have over 10 years experience as a graphic design, working for different types of businesses and getting a real understanding with what works. I can create any print job you need, I'm able to build a website from scratch and have a real skill at improving brands.

Two years ago I bought a caravan and have been permanently living in it. I know the industry. I've been your customer.

I've also become a YouTuber and write articles for my website which is specifically for people curious about caravanning & motorhoming. The TravellingK brand has now grown to the stage where I am influencing individuals and have been messaged by viewers saying I helped persuade them to purchase a caravan.



For any business, brand is important. People are very visual and make snap decisions without even realising it - all because of how a brand makes them feel. Does the business feel legitimate? Do you inspire feelings of trust?



88% of people in New Zealand use a smartphone. Customers will now check a website to get a feel for a company and learn about their services. This is your new shop front and it's important to make a good impression.



Advertising has been around for years. It's how you introduce you business to potential customers and share what service or product you sell. Whether it's an ad in a magazine, a banner on a website, a flyer handed out or a booklet to educate customers.


Social Media

People use social media to entertain themselves. The trick is to get your message in front of potential customers and help or entertain them enough to pause, read and find out more. How many people not on Facebook do you know? What is your favourite social media platform? Start gaining business through that platform. It has huge potential for reaching a new audience.



This is the new way to advertise. An influencer is someone who has an established credibility and can influence their audience. Businesses can get their product in front of an audience that already trusts and listens to the influencer.

My TravellingK brand has grown to the point where I've persuaded people to start caravanning. People want to stay at the same campgrounds and buy the same products.
There are 3 main ways to advertise with an influencer. Have a video focused just on your business which is seen by the influences audience and can then be shared on your social media and embed into your website. Have a product appear in a video as part of an overall topic which is very persuasive for customers to try. Sponsor a video and and have a short introduction of your business at the start.

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